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When most of think of dragons, we tend to imagine them as huge creatures that breath fire. That is the image and concept that most people have of dragons. There is a great deal of symbolism in the fire dragon, especially among the Chinese culture. Calling someone a fire dragon means they move from being very calm and easy going to furious and outraged. It means people tend to walk on egg shells around them because their moods are so unpredictable.

In the Chinese history, the fire dragon is a very serious force to mess with. This is also reflected in the people that fall into the behaviors of fire dragons. It is said in the Chinese culture that they are their own worst enemy. Of all the dragons in the Chinese literature, the fire dragon is the most dangerous. Not only to other people and the surroundings but to their own self destruction.

In history and myths, it is the ability of a dragon to breath fire that makes it so mysterious and also so powerful. This is a way for it to ward of enemies and to protect itself. Many people only dream of being powerful enough to be able to get their enemies to run for cover. That is why they may find they look up to the dragon and closely identify with it.

There is no evidence to suggest that fire dragons, or any dragons for that matter, actually existed. They are believed to be an image that was developed in regards to snakes, dinosaurs, and even other smaller reptiles. Yet this concept of the fire dragon has continued to be passed along for centuries. It is more prevalent in some cultures than it is in others.

There is no shortage of books, artwork, and stories about fire dragons. Some of them portray them as mythical creatures that were very wise. Yet the succumbed to the fears of the villagers. They also fell victim to various hunters who wanted to be recognized for destroying them. In other aspects though the fire dragon is portrayed as something evil and to be feared. There is definitely a mystery that surrounds them even still today though.

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