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The most important aspect of life jacket safety is that you must be wearing the life jacket in order for it to actually save your life! In an emergency you may not have the time or be able to find and put on your life jacket. It may be dark, you may get injured or unconscious or any other factor may prevent you from being able to put on your life jacket before you enter the water. The safest way to avoid this unfortunate and potentially lethal situation is to wear your life jacket at all times while on or near the water.

Modern life jackets are a far cry from the cumbersome and bulky life jackets of the past; you can now purchase very lightweight self inflating life jackets that you can wear all day which will not interfere in any way with your mobility or comfort. There are specific life jackets for water skiing and jet skiing that is designed with the needs of these sports firmly built into the design both for safety and comfort.

Comfort and practicality are definitely very important factors to take into consideration when purchasing a life jacket, as if it is not comfortable or practical for use for the purpose you want it for the life jacket will not be worn and thus will never truly be a safety device. If you have not seen the range of modern life jackets available, do some research into what life jackets are available for your specific needs.

You will be surprised at the numerous types and styles of life jackets on the market. It is possible to buy a life jacket for every member of your family from infants to adults and even your dog! Make sure you invest in life jackets that are a good fit for each person. The small investment you make in these products will be worth the precious cargo that they hold.

According to the Boat US Foundation, more than 80% of those that are thrown into the water with a life jacket on are able to be rescued without incident. While boating and other water sports are fun they can also be dangerous. Being prepared for anything can help ensure that you all have a great time each time you enter the water.

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