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Livestock equipment, for farmers and others who depend on livestock for a living, is not a luxury. Therefore, you should not treat it as something that you don’t need, and you shouldn’t try to find it at the cheapest price possible. For proper cattle handling, you need the best equipment that your budget will allow. “Value” is not just the cheapest out there–but the least expensive product that does the job well. If you allow yourself to be suckered into getting inferior equipment, you will pay in lost profits due to injured cattle or workers.

You’ll need a safe housing solution in order to protect your cattle from predators and the elements. Get the most rugged you can get, as farm weather can be harsh. There are also types of livestock housing for chickens and pigs as well so make sure you have what you need for the types of animals involved. You need to make sure your livestock are well hydrated by giving them plenty of refresh clean water. This means that part of your budget will go towards nipple drinkers, watering cups & cup systems, water bowls, and float bowls.

If you will be dealing with cold weather you may need to have a heater for your barn. This way you can keep your animals safe and not have to worry about them getting ill or dying from exposure to the cold. There are plenty of times when livestock is left to forge in the winter outdoors though so this will have to be a personal choice based on the types of livestock you are involved with.

You want to have livestock equipment that is going to last a long time. You also want to be able to rely on it to accomplish your daily activities. Many of us complain about the cost of foods from livestock going up. However, you have to remember that ranchers have plenty of overhead costs related to raising them. They have to be able to sell their livestock at a price that covers those expenses and still allows them to make a profit. Many ranchers use the same livestock equipment for years and then replace things a couple of pieces at a time.

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