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Trees that are cut down in the forest are used for all types things due to the many needs we have in society. Wood is used for building as well as to make paper. In order to get those trees to that point though the process of logging has to be completed. The work is very difficult and dangerous but a very good living for those that do participate in it. They have to work to benefit the environment by only clearing trees in certain areas. There are huge fines for illegal logging and a person found guilty can also spend time in jail.

Logging is also a very effective way to help keep the forests healthy. Those trees that have diseases or that aren’t growing well can be removed so that others can survive. It also clears out areas where animals can live in their natural environment. Due to the vital benefits that trees give us by taking the carbon monoxide from the air we know that we need to keep a balance of what is left alive and what is cut down for logging.

Heavy equipment is used to help get the trees down safety. From there they are split and cut into manageable pieces. In locations where the logging is taking place near a body of water they may be entered and then allowed to run downstream. They are then loaded onto trucks as it is much easier than trying to get the trucks to the location.

In some countries elephants are used to take the logs from one location to the next. Animal rights groups have no need to worry as these elephants are very well cared for. They are given plenty of food and water during the day. They often work for a couple of days and then get a couple of days off. This keeps the elephants happy and willing to do the work without having to be punished.

Safety is a huge concern when it comes to the concept of logging though. It has been on the top ten list of most dangerous occupations for decades. There have been various safety measures implemented during that time. Yet many individuals are seriously injured or killed while logging each year. Companies that engage in such work often look at the experience a person has with logging as well as their safety record before hiring them.

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