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The Red Cross is well known for the many types of resources it can offer to those in need. They can offer money, food, and shelter in times of crisis. Most Red Cross locations also collect blood on a regular basis. They may have the resources at a stationary location or they may have a travel RV that takes care of it. Red Cross locations are often the first to arrive and to offer aid in a variety of serious situations where people don’t have access to their normal resources.

There are many paid employees of the Red Cross but the majority of people needed to make the organization possible are volunteers. They give of their time in order to do various things that are necessary. Some gather or distribute items for those in need while others head out to deliver it. There are people that offer medical care, help to get the names of people so families will know where they are, and that provide counseling.

The Red Cross has locations all over the United States and you may have one near you. They are a wonderful resource if you find yourself in need. You can also go visit them to find out how you can donate your services to them. You can do something such as give a few hours of your time or offer blood on a regular basis. The Red Cross is a very effective program that is able to operate due to the generosity of people who want to help.

If you aren’t able to donate your time to the Red Cross you may want to consider a financial donation. You can also offer them clothing, blankets, and other supplies they may need to give out to others. All of these types of donations are also tax deductible so make sure you get a receipt as proof of your contributions.

Some times the efforts of the Red Cross come under fire as well. For example they were said to have not been there fast enough for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Yet the many wonderful efforts of the Red Cross are often not brought to the attention of those that need to focus on it. As with any organization each outreach can be viewed as a learning situation. This way they are able to learn more and to make better policies for the future.

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