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Red roses have always had a sentimental place in the hearts of people. You can look back on early civilizations in history and find stories of love and romance that involved the giving of red roses. It can be a single one or a dozen of them to express your true love to someone. Red roses are also a symbol of courage and respect in many cultures but these meanings aren’t as widely known.

Red roses are the most common in our society due to the demand for them. They can vary in color from a very light red to a very dark crimson. You generally won’t be able to choose the color of red you are looking for unless you visit a particular flower shop. The color of red will often depend on what location the roses came from. If you plan to use red roses for a wedding you may want to really look for just the right shade of red to match the rest of the décor.

The one day of the year when the most red roses are sent is Valentine’s Day. All over the world florists are out there getting them delivered. If you wish to send some to your loved one, you really need to make sure you place your order early. Most florists will only have a certain supply of them on hand. They also may not be able to add your deliver to their already long list of places to get to.

You can always buy red roses though and hand deliver them. You will then be able to see the smile that spreads across the face of the person you are giving them to. Chances are you will get a big hug and a kiss out of the deal as well. Red roses can mean many different things to people though.

For some they are a symbol of a new love. For others they are a symbol of a lifetime of love that still lingers. Of course it is never a good idea to send red roses when you are in the dog house! They tend to not get the same type of response. Even though red roses are most often sent to women, men also enjoy getting them so why not send the man in your life some.

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