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Skateboarding ramps allow riders to be able to perform a variety of different tricks. They are able to use them to get more speed behind them for flips and great tricks that take place in the air. Many skateboarding parks out there have ramps that you can use that are basic but also fun and safe for everyone. You can also build your own skateboarding ramps out of some plywood.

There have been some unbelievable feats attempted with skateboarding ramps though. With the popularity of YouTube, you can see various home videos people have taken as they attempt to jump over vehicles, obstacles, and even to take a skateboarding ramp off the top of a roof. Some of them are quite successful while others are entertaining due to the damage that takes place. The fact that some of these riders can get up and walk away after such failed skateboarding ramp stunts continues to amaze me.

There are various sizes of skateboarding ramps you can buy if you don’t want to build your own. They make the process much easier for you and they are mobile as well. This means you can easily move them around. It isn’t uncommon to find several sizes of skateboarding ramps out in various neighborhoods during the warmer months of the year.

Some skateboarding ramps are known as a half pipe. These have ramp like designs on both ends. The skater can get enough speed to go back and forth from one side of it to the next. If the half pipe is wide enough, they can even do various types of tricks as they are moving from side to side. These types of skateboarding ramps do take up plenty of room though so think about that before you buy or build one.

There is no doubt that skateboarding ramps can add plenty of fun to the process of skateboarding though. There are plenty of uses of them and many skateboarders continue to be more adventurous and creative with them all the time. Just make sure you are careful with them and safe. This way you won’t have to put them away when your parents decide that it is too risky to allow you to continue using them.

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