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Skateboarding is a very popular type of sport that many kids decide to engage in. They have a board that has wheels on the four corners of it. The board itself can be colored with various designs. You can buy skateboards with them on there or paint them yourselves. Many communities have skateboarding parks where people can go to do tricks and to spend time with other people that enjoy the sport as they do.

It can be frustrating initially to learn how to skateboard. You have to be willing to fall down a few times in order to get it done. It takes some coordination as well to use your feet to propel and to maneuver the skateboard around. Many parents worry that their children will get hurt skateboarding. There have been plenty of broken bones from falls from them, that is for sure.

Parents should require their children to skateboard with the proper safety gear on to help prevent serious injuries. They include a helmet that fits properly, elbow pads, and knee pads. If your child refuses to wear the safety equipment then they shouldn’t be allowed to operate the skateboard. This can be tough but once they know you are serious they will likely use it so they can continue skateboarding.

There are professional skateboarders that perform various types of tricks in order to score points. Many of them are involved in what is known as extreme sports. They get points based on the level of difficulty of their performance as well as how good they do it. That is why they continue to try to come up with more adventurous moves.

The antics of Johnny Knoxville in his episodes of Jackass with skateboarding have lead to some problems as well. Too many children follow them including trying to skateboard down railings and other dangerous areas. Even though these shows have disclaimers at the end of them, too many kids just don’t realize how dangerous they are.

Yet this doesn’t mean that everyone that rides a skateboard is going to be reckless or that they will get injured. It is very important that a person learns the basics of skateboarding before they attempt to learn stunts and tricks. This way they can reduce the risk and still have a great time.

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